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The Riverline will be a vibrant and innovative nature trail and greenway that links downtown Buffalo to the Buffalo River.

All of us deserve access to the benefits of nature and beautiful, restorative public spaces in our lives.  But right now many of Buffalo's communities are cut off from accessing these opportunities by industrial infrastructure that once built the city, but now divides us from our waterfront, our connection to the natural world, and each other.

The Western New York Land Conservancy is developing The Riverline based on a vision created by the community. The Riverline will transform the elevated former DL&W rail corridor along the Buffalo River into a string of vibrant and engaging experiences in nature that everyone can enjoy—right in the city, only minutes from downtown.

The Riverline will be an inspiring gathering place that connects people to water, nature, and one another. It will prioritize native plants and animals, health and wellness, public art, and community; it will inspire c
uriosity, connections, and exploration; and it will help build a healthy, inclusive, and opportunity-rich city with vibrancy in every neighborhood.

Our website is under construction. Please sign up for monthly updates and our quarterly newsletter from The Riverline Director, Jeffrey Lebsack.

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